Top fashion designers develop clothing and accessories collections taking into account cultural and social trends during a specific time, although many of them have focused their work on creating trends, using their art in an innovative and unusual way.


We could dedicate this post to mention the best fashion designers in the world: Valentino, Karl Otto Lagerfeld John Galliano, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera among many others. However, we want to focus our attention on the valuable work of the designer.


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Skills top fashion designers have

Many of the top fashion designers have developed various skills in all kinds of areas related to the promotion of their designs, for example in Marketing: Not only do they focus on creating trend-setting designs, they know when to release a new product, they take advantage of favorable market conditions or trends, how to market their designs and much more.


Every designer has to be able to maintain a viable business, so they must have at least basic knowledge in Administration and Finance, they create budgets and adhere to them. They also use financial education to make decisions and drive their business forward. They have a wide communication capacity, because a large part of the time that designers use to create a project, they have to communicate their ideas clearly and accurately, just as designers must possess technical and technological knowledge about the latest design tools, from digital drawing to 3D printing or the use of social networks to share their ideas with other designers.

What do today’s top fashion designers do?

The profession of a clothing and accessories designer is often the dream of many fashion and trends enthusiasts. A designer conceptualizes, designs and manufactures all types of clothing and accessories, such as jewelry, costume jewelry and handbags, whether he works for the film industry, theater, video, modeling or any type of trade.


Many of the top fashion designers often work independently or are hired by various companies specializing in clothing and fabrics. While the work of some designers may cover all aspects of clothing, some prefer to focus on specific categories such as men’s clothing, sportswear or formal wear. Similarly, the top fashion designers often venture into the design of purses, jewelry, accessories, perfumes, hats, winter clothing, costumes, among others.

How do the top fashion designers work?

When starting a project, fashion designers must define all the key aspects for starting the design, such as the target audience for whom the collection is aimed (age, style, price range, etc.); define the content of the collection (materials, type of pieces, sizes, accessories, etc.); make design proposals, sketches and prototypes; create designs suitable for production and aimed at the mass market.


Design, make and create original garments for individual customers, many of the top fashion designers who run this specialty have their own brands and companies and work with a very small team of professionals. Each designer, during the process of producing clothing or accessories, gives advice and solves any problem with sewing, they are in constant supervision of quality control. It is really necessary for each designer to be up to date with the latest trends in fashion and textile materials.

What inspires the top fashion designers to create designs?

During the design or planning phase, Top fashion designers usually seek inspiration from a variety of sources. For some designers, their source of inspiration may come from music, for others from art and for some others from past fashions. They embody their ideas in the collections they present on the various fashion shows they throw, and then when their designs are transferred to stores or social networks we all echo what each designer proposes as a trend, whether we accept it or reject it.


Top fashion designers have a great interest in fashion and all the areas into which it is divided, a broad understanding of the market and a technical knowledge of the area (sewing, cutting, pattern making, and weaving).


At Parlez de Vous we have the incredible fashion designer, Suzan Shani. He is dedicated to natural beauty, femininity and effortless genius, he pays tribute to the coastal and urban style with its feminine boho chic cuts and natural fabrics, Suzan Shani is establishing his style as a trend in the world of fashion, One of the models that are creating trend is the Saturn, an innovative dress created in silk, another example of the designer’s genius, is the Mars, an unconventional dress with beautiful details, it shows how the designer Suzan Shani continues to pay tribute to natural beauty through his boho chic style. To learn more about these beautiful designs, visit our webshop.

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