The time has come! The time to organize the party for one of the most important events of your life: Your wedding. Finally, you begin the search among hundreds of beautiful wedding dresses, that moment you have dreamed of so many times… with all eyes on you, of course you want to look perfect on your big day.

Calm down! Choosing a beautiful wedding dress is not the first thing to do

Before choosing the ideal dress for your wedding, you should know the details of your wedding. For example, where it will take place, whether it will be outdoors or in an enclosed space, whether it will be during day or night, the season of the year, how formal or casual it will be… Knowing about all these specifications will help you choose a beautiful wedding dress according to each of the different aspects of your celebration.


Yes, your beautiful wedding dress should be in complete harmony with the style of your wedding. While it is true that the rustic, vintage and romantic have had a special place at weddings today, the truth is that day you are the only protagonist and you can get to have your own style, adapted to your tastes and what you always dreamed.

Find a beautiful wedding dress which goes along with your personality

If you choose a dress that has nothing to do with your style, people will notice it is forced. If you want your dress to be atypical because that’s your style, go ahead! The only thing that really matters at the moment of finding a beautiful wedding dress is feeling that it perfectly fits all of you. On this day, you have more reasons than ever to be yourself, and all of the decisions regarding your dress must be completely yours.


When you start your search you will find all kinds of models, for example: Traditional dresses, simple but with a touch of elegance. Vintage dresses, with antique styles, lace and Victorian styles. Boho dresses, with a hippie style, with light and vaporous fabrics, and complements such as floral crowns. Modern dresses, with an avant-garde touch, which are bold and usually have asymmetrical cuts, they are short or with large openings, if you like vintage style, the first design you should consider, is the Jupiter White; this dress has a beautiful and different design that reminds to the 80’s season. If you are a non-traditional bride, we present an innovative design: Neptune, this beautiful dress accentuates your figure and gives you a simple but really attractive style.

Beautiful wedding dresses according to your body shape

Surely, you already have an initial idea of how you want your beautiful wedding dress to be, but is it really the design that favors you the most? Overcoming the love at first sight you felt with that design, you must take into account that not all models are really beneficial for your body type. Most brides always start with a clear idea of the dress they want to have on their wedding day and many of them end up opting for a completely different model. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary that you know your body type perfectly.


You can keep your style, but with a new design which favorable to your silhouette

The perfect moment to choose beautiful wedding dresses

Don’t leave your dress choice to the last minute! They say that the right time to look for a wedding dress is 6 to 9 months before, because it gives you the opportunity to try on all the dresses you want calmly, it gives you time to think about your decision and you can start with its alterations, if they happen to be necessary. You don’t want to be taken by surprise, to find out that it doesn’t look as good as you expected just before your big day.

You won’t be able to please everyone when choosing among so many beautiful wedding dresses

Definitely when you get married, you’ll want to have all your closest family and friends around, they can be your support throughout your wedding preparations, but when it comes to choosing your beautiful wedding dress, maybe everyone’s opinion isn’t really beneficial, it’s likely that everyone has a completely different option than the initial idea you had in mind. thats why you should choose Parlez De Vous!


There are emotions that you only have once in a lifetime. Concentrate on what you have always dreamed of, on what you always had in your heart. It’s worth finding your style when looking at the photos or video souvenirs of your wedding, and knowing that it was your party, your celebration, and your personality faithfully represented in the beautiful wedding dress you decided to wear to the altar.

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