When you have an event marked on the calendar, wearing an elegant evening dress is essential. Wether whether the event is a wedding, graduation, an important social gathering or even a party, choosing the right dress will always make the difference if you want to to dazzle. The idea is not to stand out too much but also not to go unnoticed.

In order not to miss a millimeter and find the most spectacular elegant evening dress, we want to let you know about some important considerations that will not only help you choose the right outfit, but also without any complications; just a simple and fascinating task.

An elegant evening dress for every occasion

It’s definitely not the same to go to a wedding or a night date as it is to attend to a graduation in which you are the protagonist.

You should consider a different dress option depending on the occasion. Always try to focus on models and designs that fit your personality. At Parlez de Vous, you can find different designs of attractive dresses, with fresh options that adapt to the occasion you need.

What kind of elegant dress fits you the most?

With the type of event and venue clear, half the work is done! Now that we have started searching, it is necessary for you to to know yourself perfectly; to know what your body is like and what silhouette or designs make each one of your attributes stand out better, as well as to know the color of your skin, and hair; this will allow you to choose the designs and colors that best suit you.

For example, women with oval body type look great in fluid dresses, for example the empire cut (adjusted in the bust and a little looser from above the waist). Women with wide hips can choose an A-cut dress.

How to choose an elegant evening dress?

Choosing an elegant evening dress is a task in which you must consider many aspects. No matter what the event is about, where will it take place, or who will your company be, you need to be prepared for all occasions. One of the most important considerations is that you always feel comfortable and sure of yourself. Another relevant tip is to keep your balance:  When choosing an elegant evening dress, it is essential to choose a model that is neither too simple nor too overloaded.

Elegant evening dress, long or short? Light or dark?

Definitely one of the best methods to decide which dress to buy for that special occasion, is to try several options, there is always an ideal dress for you. Normally, short party dresses are more suitable for exteriors, while long dresses for interiors. As for color, dark colors never go out of style, but if you want to vary a little, choose a trend color in the season.

Parlez de Vous offers fabulous and different models that can make any night an unforgettable occasion. You can find dresses that will make you look sophisticated, for example, one beautiful design is Mercury, which is a maxi silk dress, perfect for the holiday season. This dress can be accompanied with any type of accessories, if you prefer a more traditional model, we recommend the beautiful Neptune Velvet, this Midi style has a fitted bodice that is designed to accentuate your figure giving a special touch to your outfit, you can also accompany it with a wide variety of accessories.

Don’t forget the accessories to look amazing with an elegant evening dress

Not only should you think about your elegant evening dress, you should also know that accessories are a fundamental part of your outfit. The correct choice of accessories will give you a delicate and a sophisticated image, on the other hand the exaggerated or inadequate use of the accessories can give you a very heavy image. This is the reason why we recommend you to analyze your choices very carefully.

For instance, the shoes you must use depend on the characteristics of the dress you have chosen. Another fundamental element is the handbag, we recommend you to look for a handbag that is not too big, for your comfort and to maintain your style. Last but not least, jewels. They are essential to make any outfit shine; bracelets, earrings and necklaces above all. Each one of these must go along with your outfit, try to combine the colors, and find the perfect contrast.

Choosing an elegant evening dress is no easy task, but it shouldn’t stop you from finding it exciting and fun. Paint a big smile on your face, have an open mind and always keep a good attitude for that special occasion. At Parlez de Vous you’ll find exactly what you need, just contact them, and your ideal dress will be waiting around the corner!

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